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Most of everything that needed to be said, was said, but I feel the need to pile on.

1. The offensive gameplan was the most boring, unimaginative, bland and predictable one I’ve seen in 25 years of following Lehigh.

2. Shafnifsky is a gamer, but is not a great QB. Misses open receivers, lacks confidence to make throws and doesn’t have the speed or moves to build a run-based offense around.

3. Not one attempt to the TE.

4.Someone said it earlier this year, but I’m starting to think that Folmar’s success at Kutztown was due to his star QB, not his offensive prowess.

5. The team was clearly not mentally prepared. Perhaps it was a function of being 50 yards away from the playing field, but I didn’t see any “heart” or “fight” in this team. They looked like they were going through the motions.

6. Lafayette runs the same bread and butter offense every game, every year and anybody who watched a 1/2 quarter of film, knows that it is Scheuerman, Scheuerman, and more Scheuerman. And yet, we had no answer at all.

7. The defense was a disaster from game 1. Nothing changed to game 11. I’ve never loved the 3-4 and it took Kotulski a few years to get the players to run that system. I worry we have another couple years before we can even think about improvements.

8. I will acknowledge this next comment is probably not fair, but this team clearly lacked senior leadership. I’m sure on an individual basis, there are moments of leadership, but it did not evidence itself on the field this year.

9. Lafayette played a nearly flawless game – probably their best of the year. We played probably our worst, although there are other candidates.

10. The fucking wheel route as Doc QB noted. Every damn year we know it’s coming and yet we seemed surprised.

11. The 150th should have been a moment of pride for both schools, but the team gave us only a singular moment to cheer and come together.

12. The unis were hideous. Thank God they at least didn’t go with all whites.

13. I agree with an earlier post that Lehigh needs to “refresh” the entire experience, both for students and alums.

14. In the corporate world, one notes that a company is only as good as it’s management. The same can be said for football. Can Andy right this ship?

15. This year did not provide much in terms of things to look forward to, with the exception of Pelletier and some of the LBs. However, Pelletier won’t be able to do much if he doesn’t have a QB who can deliver the ball.

16. Finally, I am, and always will be proud to be Lehigh, but the team picked the worst moment to collectively embarrass the University. I can live with losing; I cannot live with not showing up or being prepared.