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Okay. It was awful. Our time in the national spotlight was wasted. But, deep breath everyone.
Lafayette came into the game off their bye. Two weeks to prepare. Not an excuse but a fact.
Scheuermann is (with our help) the third most prolific RB in Lafayette history so give him some credit.
27 points should not be enough to beat us, but it was. I’m sure the game plan was to get the ball to Pelletier more than we did but either he wasn’t open or Shaf didn’t have the time to find him. Did Leigh pass Yosha on the depth chart yesterday?
There are some good LBs (Caslow and Ripanti)on defense. I like Cavenes on the DL, but what else do we build upon? Maybe Bott wasn’t the answer.
I believe better days are ahead. I hope there’s no where to go but up