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Where do you start? It was just a pitiful performance.

I don’t know what was worse….sitting in the cold yesterday at Yankee Stadium or watching this game on LiveStream. A true definition of a Lost Weekend. Just glad I didn’t do what I normally do, i.e., drive the75 miles one-way to witness this killing in person.

Just some of the hard to digest LU stats and observations:

0-13 from 3. That makes it 3 for 28 form 3 at Stabler this year. Home Court Advantage?!
 SC misses twice – actually I thought it was 3x – from deep. He’s now 0 for7 on the season.
 Jesses, after going 3 for 6 in Game 3 from deep turns in a 0 for 3 today. He’s now 3 for 10 on the season and not our deep salvation. Someone tell him.
 Austin (1-9, 0-4), some days you gotta know when to quit.
 Brandon, ditto Austin.

We convert 14 turnovers into just 6 points while Columbia converts just 7 LU turnovers into 11 points.

SC goes 0-2 and is now 0-7 on the season after two more misses (one an airball) in his specialty – the long ball.

We decide to press in the last couple of minutes. How about the first 38 as we drifted further and further behind?

We sit Tim (1 PF) for what seemed to be 15 minutes. I guess it was only 11 but he, Kahron and Miles were our only hopes on this bleak day.

We rushed our shots – not on fast breaks but in the normal course of half-court play. It resulted in 63 FGAs – many rushed a single pass or none at all. Many were let go without rebounding help in the same zip code. In stark contrast we saw the Lions methodically rundown the shot-clock time settling for more makeable shots on just 53 FGAs.

Goldy, as expected, gave us a spirited 18 minutes but came up short on a number of rebounding opportunities. He did pull down 2 but hey Corey Schaefer was credited with 4.

Speaking of Corey, he continues to pass up scoring opportunities when presented. Of course, he’s not getting that many touches to begin with. To wit: Brandon and Austin: 14 FGAs to Corey’s 3. While B & A may be our future, the future is apparently not now.

Next Game: DePaul @ 9pm (EST) Wednesday. Check out Fox Sports 1.