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Let’s not forget that Andy Coen was OC at Lehigh (under effective head coaches) and then at Penn for 5 years each. He also had Cecchini as his OC for the last few years before he left and Dave knew how to run and O. Therefore, the monstrosity we witnessed at Yankee Stadium is mostly on AC. It can’t all be laid onto poor Folmar although he, obviously, has not learned the Lehigh offensive schemes either and has not determined how to get the best out of what we have. Given he hasn’t figured out what to do beyond a slightly more advanced version of plain vanilla, it was Coen’s responsibility to get it right and he totally defaulted – in the 150th game, on national TV, in front of 49,000, and for the game referred to as the “second season”.
I sat in the “special” section with the bigwigs and donors. Not many stuck around until the end.