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To echo LU65, the contrast between Columbia’s disciplined, patient, confident offense and our solo, frantic, mad-dash assaults at the basket could not have been more apparent. With every forced shot attempt that clanked against the hoop, one could see the confidence level of our underclassmen fall. Our upper-classmen appear to have ceded leadership of the team to the Freshmen.

Doc could make things a lot easier for these kids by implementing a strategy, a scheme, or even a play or two.

I counted 5 Columbia back-door cuts resulting in 10 easy points for the victors. A backdoor cut does not require any athleticism or shooting precision – just a strategy, a few passes and a cut to the hoop. I think our kids are capable of that sort of basketball.

Instead we were treated today to an assortment of wild shots, solo attacks – of the sort one can see every day in CYO leagues and playground games across America. There is little doubt that AP and BA and MS and KR are talented ball-players. But, too frequently, they are playing essentially one-on-five or two-on-five basketball. Imagine what they could do with a few screens, a pick-and-roll or even a backdoor cut or two! How about a little spacing and, perhaps, a kick-out to a shooter from the post.

The only vestige of a scheme are the entry passes on the low blocks to TK. But, not once in three games (that I have witnessed) do I recall anyone spotting up on the three-point line for a kick-out from TK (who is normally double and triple teamed).

I don’t know what was worse – freezing my @ss off in Yankee stadium while RS ran around like Gayle Sayers or watching our 5 man jack up three pointers like he was KG. P.S. He’s not.

I did happen to dial in to the Bucknell/Nova game last Thursday. The Bison too are regrouping after having lost a strong Senior class. But they put on a display of controlled, efficient, and confident play making – not to mention outstanding shooting – that makes one believe the Patriot League schedule is not going to get any easier for the Hawks. I hope they can find a groove and establish some offensive flow sometime soon …