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Thanks Rich for putting the league stats on this blog .Maybe some people might be SURPRIZED to find out our Lehigh QB was second in the league in almost all OFFENSIVE stats .60% passing I suppose is pretty good considering the lose of 4 linemen to injuries and a line who gave up a bunch of sacks . I guess to the pro scouts who write comments on this blog a QB does not need time to throw or time to look for open receivers .I also watched the replay and heard the tv play by play guys more than once that there were no Lehigh receivers open .It is hard to have a passing game when the D rush 3or4 guys and drops 7or8 back in pass protection .Overall looking back on the season IF Lehigh had any kind of DEFENSE they could have WON maybe 6 games .I totally agree with all the comments that the LEHIGH play calling has to be the worst in the league .The QB runs the plays that are given to him to run.The play calling has no imagination or innovation ,they are plays that high school teams use ,I cannot remember seeing any type of screen pass or dump offs to our RB,s .I think we had 1 on a pass to Leigh that did gain 5 or 6 yards on Sat. but that was in the 4th quarter .Thanks again Rich for putting out the league stats maybe some of guys will read them and see it was not as bad a year on offense as they thought .