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Quote: “Interesting note on Columbia is that CJ Davis who Lehigh recruited quite heavily and was a thought of as a good prospect at the PL/Ivy level ended up committing to Columbia. However, for an unknown reason he never ended up starting school and is not on the roster.”

It has been the plan for awhile for Davis to go to Peddie and then enroll at Columbia next year. He apparently needed to raise his grades and/or SAT’s for AI purposes. However it is unclear if he is a sure thing to end up at Columbia. For one thing, he had to reapply and I’m not sure if his grades and or SAT’s have improved enough to get him in.

As I’m sure you know, Columbia’s top player, All-Ivy forward Alex Rosenberg, opted to leave school for a year after he broke his foot. When he returns next year, Columbia could be very good.

Unfortunately for them, they have also lost their other very good player, Grant Mullins, possibly forever due to lingering concussion problems.