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Thanks Bison. Should have googled “Chris” instead of just “CJ.” Will be interesting to see where Davis ends up.

That game was very disappointing, especially considering Columbia was without their top two players. ’63 nailed it for the most part. The repeated back door layups for Columbia were deflating, especially combined with Lehigh’s total inability to generate good looks.

What bothered me the most was the lack of spacing and movement. Reed has never run a very structured offense, but there were times when there were 4 guys huddled on one side of the court. There was also an instance where AP passed inside to TK and then ran directly at him bringing his defender into the post for what resulted in a double team and turnover. I do think the team is good about looking for TK in the post on most possessions. He does get a good number of touches.

On D, the guards have to learn to use their hands less. I’m fine with our guards reaching for steals occasionally (because I think for the most part they are quick with good hands), but when a guy puts the ball on the floor you can’t put your hands all over him. It’s resulted in serious foul trouble multiple times for both AP and KR through only four games.

Also, I know the backup QB is always the most popular guy on mediocre teams, but I’d like to see JRG get some minutes. The production from the 3/4 spot isn’t so great that Reed can’t throw him out for a few minutes to see what he has.

I’m trying to keep my own advice and be patient, but this team may be farther away than I thought. It would be really nice to see some improvement before PL play. With a team this young I worry about too many loses and it affecting them mentally when it comes to confidence, preparation, learning to win. Need to figure out a way to get some W’s so this doesn’t turn into a REALLY bad year.