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Agree todd, I am in full reset mode. I was really encouraged after Villanova, but not anymore. I think we are probably a bottom half of the league PL team. I think the favorites have to be Army, Lafayette, and Holy Cross at this point. Boston U could be decent. I’m not sure we aren’t behind everyone. We are in the standings, but all of the other teams are getting some decent results. I think I would put us in the Loyola, Colgate camp currently.

We have one given in the lineup … TK. You can pencil him in for 15/10, and after that, who knows.

AP looks promising, but has to do it night in and night out.
BA looks like a comer.

Biggest disappointments for me are JC and CS.

I thought CS was as close to a given on this squad as possible, and he has given us very little through 4 games. Not sure where he stands as this point, in that, is Reed going to go to his full young core, and just abandon the older guys, or is CS just grasping internally about his role. I thought preseason, CS was going to get a lot of looks and be a double figure scorer. Don’t think he has been close to double figures yet. Perhaps he is a guy who needs the ball in his hands, and can’t create enough opportunities getting open off the ball. We don’t really run anything for anybody in our offense. And, maybe he needs to come off of screens or screen and rolls to be successful off the ball.

When JC was recruited, we were all so high on him due to his body and skill set. We missed a full year to start with his eligibility problems, last year was a disappointment and this year looks like more of the same. I’m now wondering if he will ever make a real impact in his career. I don’t see any real progress.

Not sure, Reed has many more bullets to fire at this point. He, obviously, doesn’t like what he has seen from JRG on the practice court, or he would have gotten some minutes in the first 4 games. Same, I guess, for KM and TJ. If DC got a look in Villanova game, not sure why these guys can’t get a sniff in these games, which are pretty meaningless in reality. I think more minutes for JG is an option as well. He, at least, brings a big body and a lot of energy to the floor.

Maybe we are best served with a lineup of TK, JG, JC, AP, KR. That is a pretty big starting 5, at least in the frontcourt. If you want to go smaller, you could insert CS or BA for JG or JC. Maybe CS could get more comfortable coming off the bench, where he would be playing more minutes against non-starters.