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I’m on board with most of what you say ’90, but not sure about this:

Maybe we are best served with a lineup of TK, JG, JC, AP, KR. That is a pretty big starting 5, at least in the frontcourt.

If JC is struggling to produce as a starter at the 4, why make an effort to keep him in the line-up if JG gets more minutes? I think JC has shown at this point that he is pretty uncomfortable with the ball in his hands and that his perimeter shot is pretty iffy. I think the idea of playing him in a position that will expose those weaknesses (not to mention I don’t think he can stay in front of athletic smaller players on the perimeter on D) hurts the team even more. I do like the idea of JG getting more minutes, but I would just start him at the 4 and bring JC as the first big off the bench.