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I think a change has to be made at DC. To not make any adjustments to shore up the collapsing right side of the LU DL was an embarrasment. The TV commentators, who were in a nearby booth and saw from the same perspective, kept questioning why LU wasn’t making any adjustments to creat a contain and roll up the safety. We all know what LC was going to do. RS all day and did not thing to plan for that. It was a generic 3-4. Little blitzing despite LC with third string QB with no game experience for 1 1/2 seasons! The OC was not ready for prime time, and maybe in year one gets a bit of a reprieve, but I have seen little imagination. And where were the screen passes??!! With such a rush by LC one would expect to see that attempted. And a very good TE goes wasted all year. The kids did not seem as ‘juiced’ as Lafayette’s. I sensed it pre-game. My dream. Gilmore gets released at Holy Cross and we bring him back to head up the defense!