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Been on the road all this time, at work today.

I feel like I have to say something, though many of you said it well …

Hawkineer, who summed up my feelings: “From an LU perspective, the team acted like they were coming to a party in the Bronx. From an LC perspective, they were there to play a football game and proceeded to kick our butts for a full half. We’ve all said it all year – this staff has underperformed all year in getting this team prepared to win, whether mentally or physically.
Here is my Christmas wish – an immobile, strong armed QB and OC who knows how to use him. I never want to look at another QB draw or read option run again. This is not as much a slight to Shaf as it is to Folmar/Coen.”

“I also apologize to Wilcher. The secondary was as bad this year if not worse than last. Clearly he was not the only problem.”

Yea, DL and LBs got steamrolled again Saturday.

LU Hawker: “I am, and always will be proud to be Lehigh, but the team picked the worst moment to collectively embarrass the University. I can live with losing; I cannot live with not showing up or being prepared.”

Sadly, none of my friends nor I — or the folks in the airport I saw Sunday — were wearing our colors after the dismal loss.

Sadly, LC’s stomping on the LU logo at midfield last year at Goodman must have been forgotten.

Question for RichH: After watching that game Saturday, is our OL really “very good”? I like Yosha and Leigh. Pelletier solid; still waiting to see something besides funky-colored boots from Kelsey.

One more year of this and we may looking for a new HC. Will Sterrett etc., put up with three losses in a row like this to LC? Or do people still care?

LU was downright embarrassed in games three or four times this year. I cannot remember something like this.

ALSO: I like Tavani. Very good coach.