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1. I agree, Yale’s intentional injuring of 2 Lehigh OL and Yosha had a dramatic impact on the rest of our season. Sodeke and Leigh did an admirable job in Yosha’s absence, but we missed Yosha’s explosiveness a lot that was there in our first two games. Center snaps were a problem all year (as was long snapping – we went through 3 different ones I believe) and running lanes didn’t open up the way they had before.

2. People are saying that the LBs are supposedly an area of strength, but I see it more as a position where there needs to be soul-searching. On Scheuerman’s 75 yard TD run he ran towards where there should have been linebacker help and it wasn’t there. It seemed like once a game teams ran this same damned play for a 50+ yard touchdown, and again it was a matter of second-level contain that should never happen in a D-I football game, never mind Yankee Stadium. Worse, everyone in the stadium knew Scheuerman was going to get that ball. You can’t give the excuse that the LBs, or coaches, were surprised by that play.

I can’t chalk that up to youth, either. The guys playing linebacker all had plenty of game experience. IMO, it was a hair-tearing problem during the year that needs immediate fixing in 2015.

3. I may never know the answer to this, but Josh Parris caught more than 3 passes a game in 9 of the 10 contests before Saturday, and Saturday he only catches 1 pass for 30 yards, the first play from scrimmage, the second-longest gain from scrimmage the entire afternoon. He had a pretty good season overall – not Spadola or Kurfis numbers, but a decent possession receiver (605 yards/3 TDs going into Saturday). Of all the Lehigh players on the field, it was him that had the biggest chance to elevate and play out of his mind on Saturday. Why on Earth wouldn’t you throw the ball his way 9, 10 times? Some are saying that Lafayette was dropping 8 in coverage and it was simply that good. I don’t buy that. You need to find ways to get Parris open – maybe not to get a 15 catch, 200 yard performance, but certainly 5-6 receptions for critical 1st downs. What about a bubble screen or two? A couple WR screen passes? I’d have been happy with 6 catches, 60 yards, 1 TD.

4. If Lafayette was dropping 8 to cover three receivers then softening them up by throwing underneath to the TE might have forced them to respect the interior more, allowing Pelletier to get behind the coverage. It wasn’t even tried, when Coyle was another player that had an opportunity to be one of those seniors that went out with a blaze of glory. Coyle and Parris were not bit players. They were key guys that kept us in games all season. How do you let weapons like that go unused?