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Great to get the first win of the year and especially over a power conference team, but as has been stated, Depaul is bad.They are ranked behind all four of our previous opponents in the computer rankings. Hope that the win gives the team some confidence and they can close out some more games. Glad to hear Reed pushing CS to be more aggressive and he got on the team about slow starts.

The turnovers and fouls continue to be a major problem though. I know Kahron and AP are often two of the slightest guys on the floor, but that doesn’t mean they can just push/grab/hold and not get called for a foul. Those two really need to be smarter/more disciplined about fouls. Even when the offense was flowing in the second half, occasionally someone would just float a super soft telegraphed pass for an easy turnover. It seems much more mental (not valuing possessions) than it does physical.

Let’s hope the squad can roll this into some momentum heading into PL. Sticking with the goal of a first division finish in the league as the barometer.