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CS had a great game but I think we would be fooling ourselves if we expect that every game. He needs to become Mr. Consistency again. If he gives me 10 pts with 3 or 4 rebounds and assists each game, I would be delighted. Hopefully the Depaul game will be the confidence catalyst to do just that. TK has actually been our most consistent player. 4 double/doubles in 5 games is very impressive. So far, he is following along the same trajectory as MM and doing it from a higher base. Staying out of major foul trouble so far has been a big reason.

Interestingly, we have outplayed our opponents statistically at every phase of the game except TO/steals.

We are essentially even with our opponents in rebounding this year in no small part due to TK raising his production from 7 to 10/game. There is still room for improvement. A long time ago I posted a picture of then recruit Lexi Martins boxing out during a game. It was picture perfect. Arms out, butt back, knees bent, eyes on the ball.

I had forgotten about that picture until I watched a video recap of the women”s team win over St. Peters

At he 1:00 mark, she shows the same technique. Lexi who is 6-0 or the equivalent of 6-6 in the men’s game, is averaging 18.3 ppg and 11.5 rpg in only 26 min/game. If our bigs master that technique, Lehigh suddenly becomes a dominant rebounding team IMHO. Just my opinion.