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I was there and 535 may have been the paid attendance, but maybe half of that actually was there in the flesh. In retrospect I was surprised with how many did show up. The few, the proud, the faithful. And the bored. The game appeared on very few schedules, it was a Sunday on a holiday weekend with people having made other plans a while ago. And Mount Alto is nationally known as “who?”

I went to see the guys who have not played: the transfers and TJ. I agree KM looked like a potential contributor, but as mentioned, maybe a bit gimpy. JRG can jump, but looked out of sync. TJ may have potential on the back end of the rotation later on.

My biggest impression of the night though was that in the second half, Mont Alto didn’t get the memo about laying down and continuing to taking a beating. They have a couple of guys who can shoot if left unguarded. Initially our non-rotation players looked rather hungry to play, but as the second half drug on we looked a bit disinterested, and they had a number of open threes that went in. As well as a couple of give and goes that were unchallenged.

There was scuttle butt from one of the regular fans that this date was originally scheduled with Catholic University, but that they backed out at the last minute creating the opening.