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Additions to above. The crowd probably numbered close to the 500+ listed. As to the tickets purchase number versus the in attendance number; I tried to buy seats toward the mid court area. Seats that have been empty for the three Stabler games I’ve been at. I was told they were sold, season ticket holders….. Hopefully those folks join us as league play begins.

Regarding KM….On the post game radio interview, Goldie was asked about his reaction to KM’s nice minutes in the first half. He said (paraphrasing) “the the Lehigh family (the team) was thrilled for him because he had to sit out last year with the transfer, and then was hurt to start the year.” Apparently it’s only recently that he’s been able to contribute in practice. I was impressed with his rebounding positioning for his first meaningful minutes in a real game. Three rebounds and a great input pass to Goldie for an easy basket.

And finally, thank Lord Pomeroy (and their foul shooting) for being with us in the closing moments. I thought we’d blow this one for sure with as cold a we became from the field, and some of the things that went in for them from 3.