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With no TV and at work, I saw and heard nothing so the box is all I have. TK played only 18 minutes so he must of gotten in foul trouble early. Fortunately JG seems to be emerging as our #2 big. 34 minutes, 10 boards, 13 points, 3 blocks, and even better: 4 assists. This is TK stuff. As to concerns about AP’s shooting, shooters run hot and cold. But at least this year he goes to the basket and gets his points at the line. Yes I too wish he were more consistent. But this is becoming a well rounded group as today KR is the leading scorer. My long term concern continues to be giving up all these offensive rebounds. LIU had 13 again. My question after this game is….. is this our best starting line up?

In summary, I’ll take a road win any day anywhere against another scholarship program, particularly on a so-so shooting day and TK hobbled with fouls early.