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Today was my first time seeing this year’s team play live. TK had a tough day with double-teams (sometimes triple) and some cheap fouls.

AP missed a bunch of jumpers but I thought he did a pretty decent job of impacting the game in other ways. He had a huge block late in the game when the result was still in doubt.

KR played well and was the beneficiary of a couple of beautiful passes from JG.

Love MS’s athleticism on D and aggression on O. He and KR are so quick on defense that I think they may cause some problems for PL point guards. MS was aggressive but under control on offense was a huge spark in the first half.

JG was the player of the game no doubt. That was a borderline all-league out of him tonight. He was money from the line, solid on D and a great on the boards. Really nice to see him step up the way he did in a starting opportunity.

BA and JC didn’t have great games, but this team is starting to show enough depth that there are other guys to step on when some guys have rough nights.