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Spot on, Rich. We’ve got to be happy about bench production, and the fact that scoring has been very well distributed recently. I think we’ve got the best depth we’ve had in some time. I don’t think we can definitively draw the cause and effect line, but we did get 32(!) second half free throws. I think it’s likely that LIU fatigue contributed to that, and depth could be a cause there.
I have some concern about front-court production. LIU was a smaller team, but won points in the paint by 30-24. TK and JG only got a total of 9 official FGAs for the whole game. Now that’s at least a bit misleading, because JG did get to the line, erasing some FGAs. But it did feel like we struggled to get the ball into the post where we should have had an advantage.
In the end, a good road win on a bad day.

P.S. I think some of the foul calls were suspect. I might go back and have another look, but the 5th TK foul, in particular, looked like a garbage call to me in real-time.