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Story the other day in his hometown paper ( says he will not wrestle:

“He suffered an injury in nationals last year (the NHSCA National Championship wrestling tournament),” Chuck Favoroso (dad) said. “He could play football with it, but we thought it would be better for him not to wrestle. … his body has never really had an opportunity to heal. This was a heartbreaker for Chris. It was tough.

“He currently has football offers from Lehigh, Navy, New Hampshire, Penn, South Florida, Southern Illinois, Stetson and Tennessee State and is drawing interest from many other programs.”

Good commit IMHO.

He was No. 5 on the newspaper’s Top 11 list in April, when it showed schools showing interest as Army, Syracuse, South Florida, West Virginia, Yale.

BTW: No. 11 on their list was a kicker who does not need a holder. Check this video out: