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More than anything Lehigh needs a sweeper in the inside linebacking that simply eats up a lot of tackles, a guy that provides the stuffing on 3rd-and-2. It might be too much to ask for another Mike Groome but another one would be a giant help IMO.

However, all the great athletes in the world won’t help if you can’t outside contain on sweeps and wheel routes/bubble screens. I keep having nightmares about that one time each game we would miss the contain and give up a touchdown. A “lowlight reel” of all of those times that happened this year might be interesting.

Defenses are a machine where everyone needs to do their job. It’s not enough to have a few skilled pieces and have the rest lacking. You need at least enough to fill all the critical roles. If you’re missing one, that’s bad. If you’re missing two, that’s a recipe for disaster.