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Good to hear, LG! But I honestly did get a chuckle when I read that line. My first reaction was, “yeah, and i hate beer!”

I think the discussion here is good and healthy, in general. I’m also a “half-full” guy by nature, so I’m inclined to react to negative comments more strongly than I should. I honestly don’t know enough to contribute much to reviewing recruits, but I like following along and weighing in anyway. I’m sure that there’s so much more about all these kids that we’ll never know and see; I’ll tend to believe (hope?) that the guys getting paid to do it are good at it. Now, if too many don’t work out, I think we absolutely should scream and complain here. In some indirect way, I’m hopeful that conversation here lands on the right ears, sometimes.

Indirectly related: I stumbled across an article yesterday that I shared with LFN and HoopsNation about the recruiting process at Stanford and Duke. I think there’s a good bit in it that’s relevant to LU recruiting, and I’d like to think that we can pursue a similar approach. Despite my disdain for Duke, I like the article:

High Academic Recruiting

I also recognize that there are big differences. We don’t have the same name recognition as Duke or Stanford, of course. And the FCS thing will hurt us in many cases, I think. I recently saw a response on twitter, to the commitment announcement of one of our favorite recruits, that essentially said “I can’t believe Player X didn’t go Division 1!”. It made my blood boil, but it’s a bias that is real.