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Agree with most of the comments here. Everyone knew that this game was going to come down to toughness, and Q smoked Lehigh on that front. I fully expected to get outrebounded badly but grabbing 42% of available defensive rebounds was much worse than I anticipated. I know that rebounding is not a point of emphasis for this staff, but Lehigh is towards the bottom of the NCAA (currently 289 out of 351) in defensive rebounding % yet again. Rebounding against a team like Q has to be a team effort. I liked that Alston was able to chip in 4 boards, but disappointed to see AP come up with zero in 18 minutes. His rebounds per game is exactly the same as last year (1.9). That’s a number I expected to go up as he matures and rounds out his game.

I’m hoping that PAfan is wrong about selfishness and that as this team matures, they start to figure it out. I worry about toughness as much or more than selfishness. This staff loves offense and high tempo, both of which I appreciate, but a dose of some toughness would be nice too.