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I s’pose it doesn’t do any good to just pretend this game didn’t happen… so here goes.
The only game in recent memory that came to my mind re: rebounding was the Baylor game at the beginning of the ’12-’13 season. I remember pulling my hair out watching Baylor play volleyball under the offensive glass, so I went back and checked this morning. Baylor out-rebounded us 44-32 in that one. So it wasn’t nearly as bad as last night. And let’s bear in mind that was Baylor, who had Isaiah Austin and Cory Jefferson (who now plays for the Nets) at that time. Quinnipiac isn’t a particularly big team, either. Yes, they are a very good rebounding team, but this was inexplicable, to me.
Even outside of rebounding, there was just absolutely nothing good to take away from this game. Most other areas were actually pretty close – turnovers, FTs, etc. But nothing was good. 40% from the floor and 27% from three.
Of greatest concern to me is that the two players we expect to provide the most offense, TK and AP, were non-factors. Again. Frankly, they’ve both fallen off badly since the DePaul game. I hope we can figure something out; I’m not looking forward to the ASU game.
Tough moment near the end of the game, listening to Q’s coverage. In talking about doc, they had good things to say, but then essentially came down to “a coach can only do so much if he doesn’t have the talent”, and “Lehigh just isn’t a very good offensive team”. You can only give commentators’ comments so much credibility, but they do see plenty of other teams. We had a very bad night, which also dilutes the value of their observations. But it caused me to back up a step or two.