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I just want to add some perspective to these rebounding issues. The 2011-2012 Lehigh PL Champ team was 131st in the country in total rebounding %. Better than average. Three role players graduated off that team (Justin Maneri, Jordan Hamilton, and John Adams). I don’t think anyone would dispute that those three were tough, hardnosed guys who didn’t mind mixing it up. None put up great stats, and unfortunately we are now in year 3 of waiting for that toughness to be replaced. Check out the below:

Year – National Rank in Total Rebounding %
2011-2012 – 131
2012-2013 – 275
2013-2014 – 281
2014-2015 – 226 (so far)

Rebounding (and the toughness that it requires/demonstrates) has been an issue for years now. I really hope that the staff is taking note and taking measures through recruiting or playing time, or practice emphasis to improve this area.