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Stablerbum, I couldn’t agree more! Lets look at the top recruits last two years: TK, AP, SW, MS, KR, BA. TK polished offensive player that IMHO plays hard just needs to grow as a rebounder and passer. SW gone, probably the toughest guy in the bunch. Might have left because the emphasis was on his weaknesses offensively instead of his strength. The others are all trying to be dominant scorers and are not doing the things necessary to be consistent winners like the the above 3 you mentioned from 2012/2013. CS certainly has proven he will do whatever it takes but just like last night, when playing well he inexplicable gets replaced by BA who comes in firing up very poor shots! Do not understand that philosophy? Hopefully I’m wrong about selfishness and misreading this team. If not we are in for a very up and down season filled with frustration.