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As some of you may know, Hoops00 and I were at the game last night. I can summarize our experience by saying the highlight of our night was meeting for Burgers and Beers at the Side Street Grill one hour before the pregame shoot-around. The second event of note was meeting TK Sr. who was in attendance and probably wished he hadn’t been.

Much has already been posted and I’m in full agreement with what has been said. I do think it fair, however, to point out the excellent guard play of Kahron and Corey – two guys who came to play and again did it well on both ends of the floor.

For all the Pomeroy gives us, he can’t measure two things: Heart and Toughness. Last night we had neither. Never have I seen our team show less desire and willingness to compete/stand our ground. Maybe it was “exam hangover” or maybe it was the trip to Arizona (scheduled to begin in 14 hours following the end of this game) for Tim’s Homecoming. But whatever the cause, our performance was disgraceful. One word sums it up: SOFT.

More thoughts on stats another day.