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Nice win on the road vs a top 100 team! Watched on online stream. Kahron was terrific and AP played very well. Tim had some trouble with ASU’s size/quickness that resulted in a bunch of turnovers but put up some good #’s. JG was his great, bringing his energy and athleticism.

In the CJ, GK, and HG class I believe they only beat one power conference team (obviously bonus points for it being in the tournament) in four years. One thing I have envied of other solid mid major programs is their ability to beat major conference teams with some regularity (Bucknell as a great example), so I love the fact that we are not just hanging around in these games but winning. Winning these games can only be good for the future of this young team and their mentality. I expect the inconsistency to continue for the rest of the year, but it’s nice to pick up some good wins and confidence boosters along the way.