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I’ve seen seven game so far (DePaul on TV). Did not see any of this game. Just piecing together written accounts, the box score, and the PAC12 Network video recap Todd linked.

Biggest win in program history? No. But certainly in the top five or six. Despite losing a 14 point 2nd half lead they didn’t fold in 3OT’s, and according to the Arizona Republic “out lasted” the Sun Devils. Just read that TK fouled out in the 2nd OT. We were 13-23 at foul line. And still won. I’m not the first to say this group has a high ceiling. But to me this adds more proof that they could be, overall, as talented, as deep, and as inconsistent as any team ever at Lehigh.

Couple of things also now apparent. JG is the starting 4. Period. From what I read he was the difference in the overtimes. KR is every bit as good as he showed against Villanova. Maybe better. And echoing TMH’s comments (and those of the PAC12 announcers and their video highlights in the post game), AP is an offensive force, from deep or to the basket. He still has his timid moments, but his quickness, smooth moves, and length are just a bit…….dare I say it…. CJ-esque? And yet, UMBC is next and the memories of Quinnipiac linger.

In summary, and getting way ahead of where we are right now, the ultimate goal in the PL is winning the league tournament and the NCAA tournament appearance. And the holy grail is an NCAA win. As we all know there have only been three. I doubt this team can become consistent enough to win the PL tournament. Plus the league schedule is going to be a real grinder. So even if they did win the PL bid, I don’t see how their regular season record could be good enough to get a high enough RPI to avoid the dreaded 16th seed. At least not this year. But the talent’s there. And there’s apparently more coming next year.

If you think I’m a dreamer, or just crazy, let me know.