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Yes, the ASU win was wonderful but……..

TMH, you are right-on in bringing up the shooting woes of AP. His inconsistency is troublesome and not what you want to see from the guys who throws it up an average of 10+ times a game and trails only TK by three in the number of FGAs. You begin asking yourself which AP is going to show up each night … the 1 for 9 guy or the 10 for 17 guy? While not comforting, you have to be impressed with the overall growth – year over year – particularly in his close-in work. Here are his numbers thru 10 games this year:

FG%: .427 (up from last year’s .374 after 10 games)
2FG%: .500 (up from last year’s .367 after 10 games)
3FG%: .326 (down from last year’s .380 after 10 games)

As for TK, all is not rosy either, scoring on just 44.0% of his chances after 10 games with a stretch of 4 games where he connecting on just 9 of 27. The same consistency you’re getting from AP. All this from the guy anchoring down our “5.” Add to that his propensity to foul (3.2/game with 2 foul-outs) and turn it over a team high of 27 times in 10 games and you get the picture. One more thing: 2 blocks after 10 games. That’s a block every 136 minutes. While glad to have the big guy, there’s more I want.

TK and AP combine to take 37% of all our shots and together hit just 46.1% of their 2’s and 32.6% of their (really only AP’s) 3’s. Serviceable by certainly not great. KenPom says it best……Lehigh is in the middle of the pack ranked 183rd in 2FGA% and 191st in 3FGA%

Here’s what I consider to be a revealing look at our starting 5 in terms of FG accuracy from both inside and outside the arc together with the number of FGAs after 10 games.

Player / 2FG% / 3FG% / Overall FG% / Total Attempts
TK / .440 / .000 / .440 / 109
AP / .500 / .326 / .427 / 103
JG / .600 / 000 / .600 / 40
KR / .509 / .222 / .437 / 71
CS / .571 / .435 / .500 / 44