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Positives first: I think KR has been everything we hoped for, just amazing for a true frosh.
I think JG has really risen to the opportunity, and has been consistently very good.
AP’s progress is very good.
Finally, the scoring balance is good too, I think. Not relying on 1 or 2 guys for points.

TK foul trouble. Hopefully he can work that out.
Coaches also need to figure out some counters when TK gets doubled. UMBC seemed to double immediately, on every TK catch. Somebody has to get a good, open look.
Lastly, I have some concerns about BA’s game. I like that he attacks the rim, but he seems to go very directly and predictably. I don’t think he’s gonna jump over and through paint defenders at this level. I think he needs to develop some options and deception. He’s been bailed out by iffy foul calls several times.

Final note: saw CB back in uniform last night. I hope he’s getting healthy; he our most physical “banger”-type. Could use the depth up front, too.