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Seems like everyone is in agreement with their praise for KR, JG, TK, and AP, while disappointed to varying degrees with the work of BA and JC. I, too, can only agree and more importantly endorse the feeling of all that consistency is, by far, our biggest problem. The latter is due in great part – I believe – to our youth and inexperience (average experience: 1.23 years….near the youngest in the PL).

If there’s anything I might add to this thread it would be the mystery behind CS and his work to date – something not mentioned above. I can only assume his loss of minutes (5 mpg), despite superior play, is part of the overall plan to groom and develop AP (playing time up 26% over last year) and MS (playing time up 95% over last year) for bigger and better things in conference play this year and throughout their junior and senior campaigns. I believe in both second year men and trust/pray the plan works for, if healthy, CS is a talent who would seemingly deserve more and not fewer minutes.

CS…..This Year vs. Last Year

MPG: 27.7 / 32.5
FGA per game: 4.6* / 7.0
FG%: .478 (top guard) * / .446 (top guard)
3FG%: .435 (top guard) * / .383 (#2 guard)

• Compared for example to AP’s 10.1 FGA per game, FG% of .434, and 3FG% of .327