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CS is a wonderful young man but we need to put some stats in perspective. At 32.5/ min per game last year, CS was likely in the top 6 or 7 in the entire Patriot League. He would be #7 this year and yet he was 5th on the team in scoring and had about 2.5 a/g and 2.6 r/g. At 27.7 mpg this year, he trails only KR at 29.9 and TK 27.8 and yet is still only scoring 6.8/ppg, slightly ahead of BA who is playing far less. In addition, CS has gone from a nearly 2:1 assist/TO ratio last year to less than 1 this year.
Prior to the beginning of the season, I warned that our Achilles heel may be real leadership which by proxy also means wanting the ball in his hands at crunch time. Every successful team has that kind of guy. We had Hall & Carrington. Then CJ came to town and went he went down, HG took on the role. Say what you want about MM but I was in awe sometimes last year when he put the team on his shoulders and brought them back from large deficits. Sometimes he tried to do too much however. Neither captain this year seems to have that kind of personality and I mean absolutely no disrespect by that. Watch the bench tomorrow and tell me if you see it. Then watch the court and tell me if you see it.
We have a lot of talent at the wing position this year and will have even more next year. Minutes were going to go down simply because of depth. I wonder however if Doc is looking for that “go to” guy in this youth movement or perhaps he is just trying to light a fire under a certain vet. I certainly saw a big spark from him against DePaul.