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It took me awhile to digest this one. I’m still not sure if it’s completely passed thru. I’ll testify that there was no lack of effort. The more I’ve thought about it, I think this may have been some of the problem. We went out ahead early on controlled looks and good defense. Then missed a peep or two, ‘Gate got a little hot from outside, and we suddenly began pressing. The harder we tried on the offensive end, the more we rushed shots, forced things down low, and the brickfest ensued. Then we lost focus defensively and they (he!) did not miss.

If you look at the stats it’s hard to imagine loosing a game where we took 62 shots to their 45. Turnovers 7-16 us. Someone earlier mentioned the need for a true leader. Someone to settle everybody down when the opponent is on a run, and not let it get us out of our game. Even when when shooting goes cold or they hit a circus shot.