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At the risk of offending football purists … and kicker20 …

Nothing against Pandy or any of the other kickers Lehigh has had, but I think finding a decent (not elite) PK is pretty simple: Find a kid who played GK on a club soccer team in high school and let him rip. Many of these kids kick the ball 70 yards or more with ease and accuracy. They do so because they practice goal kicks regularly and become consistent — the hallmark of a great football kicker.

I do not care if they kicked the pigskin in high school. Sure, past performance is a great predictor of the future, but … kicking is not rocket science, investing or anything else as complicated. It’s form, consistency and making sure the snap and hold are good.

Save the schollies for athletes whose performances will make a difference on more plays — so we can get to use a kicker