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Go Figure. Is it Inconsistency or is it intensity? I say it’s both. First, here’s a look at the former.

We averaged 79 ppg when facing BCS opponents (ASU, DePaul and Villanova) and only 65 ppg in the other ten games played to date. Must all our opponents be ranked to get our attention? On the heels of a 3 point win over UMBC (ranked 339th) in which the lead changed 5 times and neither team enjoyed a lead of greater than 6 points, LU – still perhaps thinking they’re invincible after beating ASU in triple overtime – has kicked off the PL season with back to back losses and watched their KenPom national rankings slip from 181 to 232. Guess what….we’re not invincible. Far from it!

While consistency is nowhere to be found throughout the lineup, it is particularly noticeable from those we count on to score and rebound the basketball. TK is shooting 11 for 27 (.407) in PL play and just .435 overall vs. a 32-game mark of .515 last year. Only twice this season (13 games) has he made more than half his shoots in any one contest. Last year, he broke the .500 barrier in 16 of his 32 games played. He has but 2 ORs in the last 59 minutes of play and 19 for the entire 13 game season (1.46/game). Last year, he averaged 2.3 ORs/game. Next, AP. Price is at .333 in PL play this year (.374 for the entire year last season) and can be counted on this year to give you anywhere from 1 to 10 made FGs/game. And then there’s MS. Miles is 1 for 8 in PL play (.125) and 3 for 14 (.214) in his last five. This after shooting .362 in his freshman season!

When it comes to our freshmen class, it doesn’t get much better in terms of consistency night in and night out. Kahron continues where he left off in OOC play with 5 for 10 shooting one night and 1 for 5 the next. That matches Brandon’s 1 for 5 in one game and 5 for 7 the next.

The “you never know what you’re gonna get” thinking applies to our junior and senior class participants, as well. JG can be counted on to give you anywhere from 0 to 6 made FGs/game with 7 of 13 games producing 2 goals or less. The same goes for Jesse. JC, while hitting a somewhat respectable .379, can be “counted on” to add anywhere from 0 (3 times this year) to 6 (once) made field goals a game. In the senior ranks, CS while the most consistent of all and among the leaders in FG% , is not producing big numbers in FGAs. The argument here is that the Captain is under-utilized. As for SC, our 3-point specialist, is no longer our3-pt. guru. At .226, he’s the lowest ranking long-distance shooter on the team of those who have taken more than one attempt from beyond the arc.

And, that’s just a look at shooting. On the other side of the ball, we are ranked 10th in league play among the 10-members by KenPom in something he calls “Effective FG%-D.”

That seems to sum it up.