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As I continue to read all of the posts and try and wrap my head around this season and last season I have come to this conclusion. LU is not very good! We continue to talk about youth, inconsistency, and schemes; but I can’t help but think maybe the problem is talent. Granted their have been bright spots such as the performances against the big 3 OCC opponents. However, lets be honest those games do not mean much to the power schools.

Maybe the hype on some of our players is just that, hype! I like most have bought into believing everything I have read about some of LU’s recruits over the past two seasons. I do believe that TK is a legit player in the PL. His struggles IMHO stem from poor game plans and the inability of his teammates to create when he is doubled and tripled. Mackey was a big part of TKs success last year as we unfortunately are learning. At some point excuses need to stop being made and we need to look at reality. This team is not very good, right now! I hope players turn it around and that I am wrong about the talent. I will still be watching and routing for them every game but sometimes you have to accept, “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck its probably a duck.”