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I don’t think it’s a talent issue. I think it’s a toughness/focus/energy issue. Reed has always been a bit of a “just roll out the ball and let them play” kind of coach, and I agree that lack of scheme and adjustments are hurting Tim’s numbers.

I do buy the youth argument. Lehigh had one senior contributor last year, and (basically) one this year. There is no potential all-league talent in the upper classes on this team.

For me, the shooting numbers against the major conference opponents (52% overall, 43% from 3) versus the overall numbers (42% overall and 33% from 3) indicate what this team can do with focus. Honestly, I don’t think this team will hit it’s peak until 2 years from now when Tim and Austin are in the middle of the senior seasons. I’ll be pleased if this team can turn it around to finish above .500 in the league (still very doable) this year, and then contend for a title next year, and then be a real problem in 16-17.

What scares me is that maturity can lead to more consistency and toughness, but the utter lack of it at times this season has been appalling. Those traits usually don’t come out of nowhere. It would be nice to see improvement in those areas ASAP.