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To Lehigh90’s point about attendace of 502. I was out-numbered 501 to 1. But, glad I made the 45 minute trip north to witness what I hope was our break-out game of the year in which Team D, which had always been preached, was finally practiced and rewarded with a “W.” The other hallmark so evident in last nigh’s game was spirit – whether coming from the bench or from on the court. I can’t recall a more excitable bunch of players who cheered for every made shot but more importantly tonight perhaps were the cheers for every stop. It were the stops – whether coming midway throught the first half when we were down by 7 and not wanting to go lower before halftime or when we were up by 12 and wishing to hold the lead and close it out – that I’ll remember. It’s not every day you’re going to hold Army’s Kyle Wilson and Tanner Plomb to a combined 9 for 32 (.281) and shut down the team to 21 made field goals on .339 shooting (.387 from in close and .290 for long range). That was the Black Knight’s worst effort of the year. So, too, were their points scored (60). And it came at home, no less!

On the other side of the ball, it was good to see our seniors contribute the way the did last year. I get it, we’re young (KR, AP, MS, BA, et al) and the future is what more often than not we seem to be playing for, but last night it was CS and SC who reminded us what they’re capable of – not just brillant one night stat lines but by their on-court spirit and hustling defense. It was infectious and could spill over to the next game and to the next. Who knows, maybe we’ll look back on this game in 7 weeks or so and say it starteed here.