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I can’t figure out this team either – the team that went on the road and a) handed Big East-leading DePaul a loss and b) handed Arizona State their only home loss of the season, but also a) squeaked by on the road at 2-11 UMBC and b) lost at home to 3-11 Colgate. Never mind the fact that they were blown out of the building vs. BU – and Colgate and BU were supposed to be the lighter side of their PL schedule.

Relying on a freshman point, you can expect some swings in performance, but really, this is ridiculous. When all the gears are working, this team can beat almost anyone, but there are still way too many breakdowns.

To most teams, Loyola would be a speed bump on the way to facing Lehigh’s biggest conference test on the road at American. But this is going to instead going to be a mental test – can they get some consistency and show some of that hustling for offensive boards, steals, fastbreaks we saw at Army?