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There’s no doubt in my mind that a match must be struck and a fire lit under the butts of these players. And, the ceremonial pre-game circle where players waive from side to side and say who knows what just isn’t doing it. We don’t have the offensive fire power to come from behind game after game. We can’t afford to come out flat and trail at the half as we have in 3 of our 4 PL games played to date. The other game being Army in which we miraculously game back to tie that score at the 20 minute mark.

Here’s a look at our abysmal first half shooting performance in league games played to date:

Vs. Colgate 12 for 28
Vs. Boston U. 8 for 27
Vs. Army 11 for 28
Loyola 10 for 27
Totals: 41 for 110 = .372 (split .395 for “2’s” and .310 for “3’s”)
Meanwhile our opponents went a combined 50 for 108 for .463.

Who lights that match? Cory, our Captain, can only do so much and isn’t – personality wise – the guy for the job. That leaves it to one of the four guys dressed in suits along the sideline. Will someone please step up!

PL Oddities

Of the 20 games played to date, the home team has won just 10.

The present top 3 (Boston U., Navy, and Colgate) – all at 3 and 1 – were ranked 6th, 10th, and 8th in the pre-season Poll. The present bottom 3 (Army, Lehigh, and Holy Cross) – all at 1 and 3 – were ranked 2nd, 7th, and 3rd in the pre-season.

American, Bucknell and Colgate have maintained home-court advantage with each going 2 and 0 to date.