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I surely don’t see a mass exodus of transfers on the roster. Has Lehigh ever had a mass exodus of transfers? One here or there. If there were 2 guys who would be likely candidates, they would be JC and MS, for 2 different reasons. JC seems to have worn out his welcome with the coach, and his role continues to get smaller. If he hadn’t lost a year of eligibility it would be more likely, as he would only have 1 year left to play, and would have to sit another year, as I don’t think he would have credits to graduate. MS, because he is a good player, who is going to sit behind a younger and better player in KR. I think MS could go somewhere and probably start. I thought DC was a likely transfer candidate a couple of years back, but after the knee injury and his increased role in his Jr. season, he’s not going anywhere.
Graduate 3 in CB, SC and CS, so they won’t be back. Class behind them is JC, DC and JG, who obviously isn’t going anywhere. Of the sophs, I guess AP and TK could transfer if they wanted to try and step up the D1 ladder, but that would seem very unlikely. MS mentioned above. The walk-ons aren’t going anywhere unless they want to pull a Tyrone Staggers and transfer to a D3 to simply play. KM just got here, unlikely he’s leaving after already transferring (JRG same boat). In the frosh class, BA is getting a lot of minutes (unlikely to transfer, although they lost a frosh last year who did play and transfer, already forgot his name, went down south). KR not going anywhere playing 30 min a game, unless home sick. I could see possibly TJ transferring since he is sitting. But, overall, I don’t see a lot of transferring.
Minutes are sporadic as coach is looking for any hint of consistency. It is hard to set a rotation with such a Jekyl and Hyde team, although this far in his rotation should be set.