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Lehigh 90,

I think you make a great argument, but I could see four or five transfers especially if some assistant coaches move on. MS,JC,BA, and TK are all prime candidates in my opinion. JC would be tough as you stated with only one year left and having to sit a year it depends on his goals after college. As a European he may have aspirations of playing overseas. He would need a strong year to up his opportunities don’t see that happening at LU. MS and BA both could play more significant roles on other teams. Don’t think BA and AP fit together as complimentary players and AP not going anywhere. TK prime candidate to move to a power 6 conference with his offensive skill set, and connections. As for walk-ons I could see CR leaving for an opportunity to be a significant player in the PSAC or to pursue football. I do not see any other walk-ons leaving for reasons you stated above. Hope I am wrong and all these guys stay put and figure out how to play together. Also, these young men are receiving one of the best educations in the country which is really the most important thing.
Forgot about TJ, certainly a prime candidate as he will behind KR his entire career.

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