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The lineups and rotations, in this game in particular, were a bit surprising to me. Saw quite a few combinations that I don’t think we’d seen previously. However – I am fully supportive of experimenting, even this late in the season. It’s clear that we really haven’t yet figured out what works (see PL record). I don’t think we can expect to see consistent rotations until we see some form of consistency from players. I will add that our % Bench Minutes is pretty middle-of-the-road; nothing unusual.
I decided to pull down season-to-date numbers this morning, and do some monkeying with them. Below, I took the set of rotation players, and added some homemade calculations – points per 40 mins, FGAs per 40 mins, and points per FGA – and found some interesting things. The list is sorted by pts/40 mins. I included KM in the list, which is was borderline for me. Based on recent reports of ongoing injury struggles, I’m inclined to see him as someone who would be a rotation player, if healthy. Could go either way, though.

I’m gonna risk making myself very unpopular here now. What stands out most to me is the lack of production from CS. It’s clear that he can shoot – but he doesn’t. His pts/FGA is among the best on the team. His pts/40 is not good at all, however. When you look at FGA/40, you can see why. He’s the lowest in the list. What really gets me about this is that he’s been playing the 2! If he was a point guard, you might live with that. MS has a similar number – but he’s largely played the 1, backing up KR. I think we need somebody else in the lineup who is looking to score, and is able to score.
I don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to see a change to the starting lineup. Leadership and stability are important; but we need points.

## Player Tot pts/40 FGA FGA/40 FG% pts/FGA
32 Kempton, Tim 452 19.91 185 16.37 0.459 1.22
5 Price, Austin 430 16.47 153 14.23 0.418 1.16
42 Alston, Brandon 255 15.06 68 10.67 0.426 1.41
55 McCaskill, Khalid 29 12.41 10 13.79 0.4 0.90
40 Goldsborough, Justin 378 12.28 86 9.10 0.512 1.35
1 Ross, Kahron 499 11.46 115 9.22 0.435 1.24
31 Chuku, Jesse 299 9.50 73 9.77 0.37 0.97
15 Schaefer, Corey 384 9.27 66 6.88 0.455 1.35
21 Cvrkalj, Stefan 164 9.27 51 12.44 0.275 0.75
4 Carter, Devon 58 8.97 14 9.66 0.286 0.93
10 Simelton, Miles 251 8.29 56 8.92 0.321 0.93

Sorry – can’t get that to format decently.

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