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Right now this is a team with some missing parts:

* a consistent scorer that can get double-digits every night
* turnovers continue to be a problem
* consistent presence under the boards

There are nights when we get double-digit scores, and nights when turnovers are kept low, and days when JG and/or TK go nuts on the boards. But they rarely happen all at the same time.

When AP or CS explode and get 15-20 point games, we can beat anyone (see: CS vs. DePaul). When TK and JG combine for 24 boards, like they did vs. Arizona State, we can beat anyone. When AP and KR go an entire game combining for only 6 TOs, we can beat anyone. But we can’t count on this team doing any one of these things every night. And that’s what’s frustrating.

As everyone knows I am a big AP fan, but he desperately needs to make his 10 point games into 15-20 point games on a consistent basis. JG has moments of brilliance but he needs to be an 8 rpg guy. And turnovers.