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I agree with everything LFN said. AP needs more consistency and to be stronger with the ball. JG seems to go on 4 to 5 game tears, and then fall back. If he brings it every night he has all-league potential.

On PAfan’s post…

I think you make a great argument, but I could see four or five transfers especially if some assistant coaches move on. MS,JC,BA, and TK are all prime candidates in my opinion.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple transfers, but one I wanted to address specifically is BA. If I were one of his advisors, I would tell him that he is in a great situation. He’s getting solid minutes as a freshman, and is being allowed to play his game. He has a unique skillset (ability to create his own shot and get to the line) on this team. With CS and his 25mpg graduating, along with SC’s 11mpg – I could easily see BA playing 25 minutes next year. KR at the 1, AP at the 2, and BA at the three, with MS seeing minutes backing up the 1/2. BA seems to me to be in a great place.