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I wouldn’t argue that LU isn’t the best place for BA, but will he see it that way. BA jumped around High Schools (not sure why) and IMHO will struggle with being 3rd option offensively for at least next two years. I would argue that the 3 spot this team needs is a rebounder, perimeter defender, and efficient scorer. I do not see BA fitting any of those roles. I see him as a high volume shot taker who will turn the ball over, rebound okay, and take breaks defensively. I realize he is young and these things are subject to change but I’m just not sure they will (hope so!).

One topic that does not get discussed is the serious disadvantage created with no redshirt year in PL. BA, TJ this year, and MS last year really could have benefited from RS and overall team performance would not be any different both years IMHO.