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Few thoughts:

1) We do need an isolation scorer, but we also need someone that gets to the free throw line. Lehigh is 243rd in the country in free throw attempts per field goal attempt. For a team that does not shoot the 3 well (229th in the country in 3 pt %) that is bad. It’s not like we are raining them from deep and therefore don’t need to attack the basket. Basically, we don’t shoot well from the perimeter and we also don’t attack the basket for lay-ups/fouls. This is one area of BA’s game where he may already be the best perimeter player on the team at drawing fouls, a valuable skill.

2) AP plays the “3” with KR and CS on the court, but he and CS are interchangeable. I expect AP and BA to play on the court together quite a bit next year with AP as the nominal 2 and BA as the 3.

3) I think Holba will swing between the 3 and 4 a la Greiner. I don’t see him playing major minutes at the 3 as a freshman, but rather that he expands his skillset over his time in Bethlehem becoming more of a perimeter player as he matures.

4) Will be very interesting to see where TJ and KL fit into the team next year. KL certainly seems talented, and I agree that I can’t see a scenario where all of these guards are playing. At the same time, it seems to me it would be rash for a current guy to transfer before KL even arrives (aside from TJ who really hasn’t seen the floor at all).