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Assist to Field Goals Made (A/FGM)

Find me a team with a ratio of .650 or higher and more often than not I’ll show you a winner. Thanks in large part to Kahron – with 14 and 10 assist nights to his credit this year – that seems to be holding true for Lehigh. Here’s a close look at our 8 games played in the PL.

Opponent / Our Assist to FGM Ratio / Result
CU / .625 / L
BU / .579 / L
Loyola / .565 / L
American / .364 / L
4 Game Average = .563

Army / .654 / W
Holy Cross / .739 / W
2 Game Average = .694

In out of conference (OOC) play, we averaged .641 in our 6 wins and .540 in our 5 losses.

P.S. Kenneth Pomeroy ranks KR 11th in the nation in something he calls the “Assist Rate” which he defines as “assists divided by teammates’ made field goals.”

Yeah, I think we found ourselves a winner in KR.